Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Help me (re)build a website

I spent this month negotiating to buy a domain name but neglected to buy the old but still useful content. Now I need some ideas on how to make my empty domain into a useful site.
I have bought hosting, set up DNS and put up a basic holding page but really do not know what to do next. Any ideas?

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Why should I blog?

I was bought up to believe:
- work hard, get a good job and repeat until you retire.
- Debt was a bad thing: Never buy anything unless you could pay cash

As I got older and demonstrated that wise-man trick of learning from the mistakes of others I have seen flaws in the blanket statements above:
- I have administered the disposal of estates where a lifetime of work left an estate which was worth only a few pounds. This left the dependants not only grieving but poor
- few people accumulate enough cash during their working life to enjoy a comfortable retirement
- even fewer manage to create a useful residual estate for their loved ones and dependants

So I decided to do something about my own situation and transform my 'economy of one'.

I got to this point thanks to some inspirational input:
- Suzy. We have been together since 1992
- Matthew Moran. Author of The IT Career Builders Toolkit and survivor of fire, flood and storm.
- Dragon: Who has done it before most people decide it needs doing. He is the most can-do person I know.
- Thorskegga: Always true to herself.

I must remember to thank them when I have achieved a mortgage-free home, portfolio income and enough family time.