Friday, 16 April 2010

The perils of reversing with an outboard engine

I spent a pleasant hour on Moonfleet pottering along the Broads. Then I tried to reverse it back into it's mooring: Much sweating later the little beast is tied up safely again but I definitely need more practice!
Plus points .. I didn't hit anything, no-one got wet and I think I amused the wife.
Oh well, not too bad for my 1st solo effort.
Remember the experienced skipper who was going to teach me? He's off at sea again so it was try on my own or wait months.
I'm glad I tried but next time I will not take the whole family along to watch.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Butterfly Marketing

I've been dreaming about making money via cyberspace for a few years. Over the years i've looked at hundreds of schemes and even paid for a few which seemed like good ideas.
Today I was sent an email about Butterfly Marketing which is a genuine Open Source product ( most of it is written in PHP ) but otherwise I know very little about it.
I thought this nugget was worth sharing so it's here now for anyone to use.
You do have to walk through a minefield of 'paid for' add-on's to get the free stuff but I
Has anyone used the Butterfly Marketing system to make money except it's author?