Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Waiting for Cloudstreet CD The Circus of Desires

My favourite duo Cloudstreet have written another brilliant CD The Circus of Desires and are sending me a signed copy around the world. I had hoped it would be here in time for an Easter gift but I guess the 'roo's don't hop fast enough.
Still, having heard them several times during their UK tours they are definitely worth a listen.
== Update: The CD arrived safely and is brilliant ==
My wife's band The Strimmers has expanded into a trio including Rebecca ( vocal and wind instruments ) alongside Mike and herself.
You can see them most weeks round Lowestoft and every other Friday running The Waveney Folk Sing-a-round. See the diary on The Strimmers site for their current locations.
== Update: The band is now back to a duo and called Suke ==