Saturday, 22 October 2011

Mystery secure in her new home

Mystery is secure in her new home, which is the same as her old home except the owners and operators have changed. New owners for the boat builders shed, hard standing and quay plus new operators in the shed. The new staff and operators know more about boat building than most so I remain convinced Mystery is in good hands. I will be talking to the new operators so we can get Mystery restored to sailing order ASAP.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Mystery will stay as Mystery .. for now

I think Mystery suits my little green yacht better than Gesine so have decided not to change her name back to Gesine, for now.
Restoration progress has slowed partly due to disruption around a change of ownership at Newson Boatbuilders: The new owners are getting things back into even better order so I remain comfortable that Mystery is in good hands.
Moonfleet, meanwhile, nestles snug in her moorings. I must find a quick way to clean some of the algae off soon.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Moonfleet is mine, all mine!

I now own all of Moonfleet, her trailer ( if I can find it! ) and assorted bits including a lovely wooden boathook and a bunch of old fenders.
I have the table / bed base so now have a double berth should I feel like a night on board with some wiggle room, rather than 2 single berths.
Now to think about how to re-build the cabin and steering position so the captains chair works better, get the outboard serviced and generally get the little boat sorted ready for next year.
Woohoo .. free to cruise whenever I want