Monday, 3 July 2017

Lorema is SOLD

Lorema is a boat I would love to own. I am not, however, the owner she deserves. Go buy a piece of sailing history. Lorema is for sale

Lorema starred in Leo Sampson Goolden's blog which you can find over at The sale has been forced by him buying something bigger called Tally Ho.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Lost but not forgotten

I have been busy for a few months (more like years - Ed) doing grown up things. Moving back to Lowestoft but working around the UK, trying to get Gesine finished and developing my writing. All of this means this blog has languished so lets get on with bringing you up to date. Over the last year we have finally achieved one of Jane's long-held ambitions, to attend the Edinburgh Fringe and Edinburgh Festival. Thousands of shows, across hundreds of venues with crowds everywhere. In 2 weeks I saw 50 (yes, fifty) shows. Jane has encouraged me to become a theatre monster, devouring shows where-ever we find them. This includes delights from Eastern Angles, shows at Seagull Theatre, Marina and Theatre Royal Norwich. We also spent a lot of 2016 at literary events. This meant we spent half our weekends away from home, not counting the events we reached without overnight stays or nights I spent away working. Overall a year where my wardrobe was suitcase shaped, not something I am keen to repeat. Too much theatre and bookish stuff? Never. But the travel was too much on body and wallet so we are being more restrained this year. We are still busy but concentrating on local events and some cherry-picked further afield. Events which survived the cut include Chipping Norton Literary Festival, NAWGFest and Felixtowe Book Festival. We tried to book late for NAWGs Wentworth retreat having decided late that we would go so Jane could see their wonderful 'dodos' (her pet name for rhododendrons ). Unfortunately we were too late for this year so have already booked for next year. My books are progressing again with my ambition to publish Wolf 2 before Wolf 1. Weird, I know, but Wolf 1 needs a major re-write so 2 is easier to finish (1 hope!).

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Easticks Meteor #3 Gesine ( Mystery ) Progress

Here is a quick shot of Mystery / Gesine in her stunning new red paintwork. She needs more work to be completed but is, pretty much, in floating order. This is a long way from the scruffy green hulk from 4 years ago.
My thanks to the experts at IBTC for all the work completed so far and for permission to use their pictures.

Photos used with kind permission from International Boatbuilding Training College, Lowestoft, Suffolk

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Comparing summers

A new summer and I notice my blog has been sorely neglected. Let us take a moment to pause and look back over the last 2 summers. Both feature time spent with my children, both of them growing noticeably between their visits. They are delightful. So how has 2015 been compared to 2014? 2014 saw us do
A single night at NAWG's Open Festival of Writing catching up with friends before a day in London enjoying the sun while my girlfriend slaved away on a course and then a dash down to Nomad Theatre in East Horsley for their last night of Jesus Christ Superstar, which was so awesome I didn't mind getting back to my little flat after partying until gone 3am.
. That gives you an idea of what our weekends are like. The weeks are spent working with occasional jaunts down to local folk clubs and wanderings by the rivers. 2015 has seen another career jump for me, moving back to Lowestoft, going to the theatre to see both amateur and professional productions and occasionally catching up with old friends. Now I am based back in Lowestoft I expect to catch up with Lowestoft Library Writers Group and become active in Lowestoft Cruising Club who granted me membership just before I started working away so I have been a member for a while but haven't seen inside their clubhouse or joined one of their work parties since 2012. Time to go .. work to do.

More Easticks Meteor ramblings

I have recently found a blog post pointing to a former owner of Gesine. Ahh, but is it the same Gesine? A quick search will verify that Gesine is a popular yachts name but the descriptions are similar and locations match the rumours I heard. I am awaiting information from Ann, a wonderful author who will hopefully steer me straight. It would be great if she did own Gesine as she went on to buy Peter Duck ( of Arthur Ransome fame ) She mentions that her Gesine leaked above the bunks but as I have had the deck and cabin re-built I am hoping that problem is solved. I will add a link to her blog if it is the correct Gesine. More news soon, I hope. My other boat, Moonfleet, is floating neglected on her moorings. I hope to get out there tomorrow evening to apply her broads licence stickers and maybe give her a clean.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Winchester Writers Festival

A weekend of masterclasses and feedback from an assortment of publishers, agents and authors. It's not cheap but it is worth every penny. Take a wander over to The University of Winchester Writers' Festival.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Abingdon Town Music In The Park and other adventures

Saturday started out miserable. It was raining and neither of us wanted to get out of bed but by 10am I had stirred, found tea for Jane and managed to microwave the remnants of last nights take-away for my breakfast. The light improved as clouds dispersed and we decided to proceed with our Plan A for the day, the tickets Jane had purchased for Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council Music in the Park being held in the Abbey Gardens. We reasoned if the weather turned back to rain we could come home without too much effort.
Our stroll to the Gardens was interrupted as I spotted a narrow boat trying to pull another off the silted shallows in the Thames. They were canal cruising folks who didn't understand any vagaries of river navigation, indeed the smaller boat was barely capable of moving upstream against the current. I got a coffee for for my help getting them off and met a lovely chap called Peter who owned a small cruiser which was moored further up-river.
Jane and I went to Abingdon Fun in the Park where we did maggot racing, spent a small fortune on tombola's and treasure hunts without winning and generally spent money supporting good causes. Then time for a wander over the large weir to Abingdon Lock where Jane and I watched more boats messing about including one poor thing which wouldn't re-start and had to be dragged out of the lock by the chaps on board.
Then a wander back towards the Gardens, being transformed in our absence for Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council Music in the Park except we got a distracted in the Water Garden by meeting Peter with his family who spent a lovely afternoon regaling us with various nautical tales mainly involving things not to do in kayaks and essential boating supplies vis a corkscrew.
On to the Gardens where we bought pork roll, pizza, egg roll, chips, tea and coffee to be followed by more tea and coffee then crepes. Can anyone guess we were hungry? Suitably refreshed, nothing to do with the alcohol that had lubricated Peter's tales at all, we spent a lovely evening listening to some wonderful music from local bands followed by Abingdon's own prom programme and finishing with fireworks.
A restful day with lovely people, wonderful sunshine and good music. Life doesn't get much better.