Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Comparing summers

A new summer and I notice my blog has been sorely neglected. Let us take a moment to pause and look back over the last 2 summers. Both feature time spent with my children, both of them growing noticeably between their visits. They are delightful. So how has 2015 been compared to 2014? 2014 saw us do
A single night at NAWG's Open Festival of Writing catching up with friends before a day in London enjoying the sun while my girlfriend slaved away on a course and then a dash down to Nomad Theatre in East Horsley for their last night of Jesus Christ Superstar, which was so awesome I didn't mind getting back to my little flat after partying until gone 3am.
. That gives you an idea of what our weekends are like. The weeks are spent working with occasional jaunts down to local folk clubs and wanderings by the rivers. 2015 has seen another career jump for me, moving back to Lowestoft, going to the theatre to see both amateur and professional productions and occasionally catching up with old friends. Now I am based back in Lowestoft I expect to catch up with Lowestoft Library Writers Group and become active in Lowestoft Cruising Club who granted me membership just before I started working away so I have been a member for a while but haven't seen inside their clubhouse or joined one of their work parties since 2012. Time to go .. work to do.

More Easticks Meteor ramblings

I have recently found a blog post pointing to a former owner of Gesine. Ahh, but is it the same Gesine? A quick search will verify that Gesine is a popular yachts name but the descriptions are similar and locations match the rumours I heard. I am awaiting information from Ann, a wonderful author who will hopefully steer me straight. It would be great if she did own Gesine as she went on to buy Peter Duck ( of Arthur Ransome fame ) She mentions that her Gesine leaked above the bunks but as I have had the deck and cabin re-built I am hoping that problem is solved. I will add a link to her blog if it is the correct Gesine. More news soon, I hope. My other boat, Moonfleet, is floating neglected on her moorings. I hope to get out there tomorrow evening to apply her broads licence stickers and maybe give her a clean.