Monday, 9 January 2012

1950's Meteor Yacht Specifications

From a photocopy of a book which also includes a sketch of Meteor
Meteor "L.O.A. 21ft L.W.L. 17ft 6in Beam 6ft 5in Draft 2ft 10in Sail area 175 sq ft This boat, designed by Arthur Robb, has a very large midship cockpit which provides ample space for the crew when racing or for picnic parties. There is a separate cockpit aft for the helmsman, the floor of which is raised above the level of the forward cockpit. The reynolds Tube aluminium alloy mast is rigged with only one shroud a side and no crosstrees. The mast is stepped on the after end of the short coachroof. The hull is clinker built and the short cuddy at the forward end of the cockpit in the type "A" provides protection from rain and spray. Additional " This is where the photocopy ends but I think there should be more detail. Can anyone identify the book from this passage?