Friday, 16 June 2017

Lost but not forgotten

I have been busy for a few months (more like years - Ed) doing grown up things. Moving back to Lowestoft but working around the UK, trying to get Gesine finished and developing my writing. All of this means this blog has languished so lets get on with bringing you up to date. Over the last year we have finally achieved one of Jane's long-held ambitions, to attend the Edinburgh Fringe and Edinburgh Festival. Thousands of shows, across hundreds of venues with crowds everywhere. In 2 weeks I saw 50 (yes, fifty) shows. Jane has encouraged me to become a theatre monster, devouring shows where-ever we find them. This includes delights from Eastern Angles, shows at Seagull Theatre, Marina and Theatre Royal Norwich. We also spent a lot of 2016 at literary events. This meant we spent half our weekends away from home, not counting the events we reached without overnight stays or nights I spent away working. Overall a year where my wardrobe was suitcase shaped, not something I am keen to repeat. Too much theatre and bookish stuff? Never. But the travel was too much on body and wallet so we are being more restrained this year. We are still busy but concentrating on local events and some cherry-picked further afield. Events which survived the cut include Chipping Norton Literary Festival, NAWGFest and Felixtowe Book Festival. We tried to book late for NAWGs Wentworth retreat having decided late that we would go so Jane could see their wonderful 'dodos' (her pet name for rhododendrons ). Unfortunately we were too late for this year so have already booked for next year. My books are progressing again with my ambition to publish Wolf 2 before Wolf 1. Weird, I know, but Wolf 1 needs a major re-write so 2 is easier to finish (1 hope!).