Wednesday, 17 June 2015

More Easticks Meteor ramblings

I have recently found a blog post pointing to a former owner of Gesine. Ahh, but is it the same Gesine? A quick search will verify that Gesine is a popular yachts name but the descriptions are similar and locations match the rumours I heard. I am awaiting information from Ann, a wonderful author who will hopefully steer me straight. It would be great if she did own Gesine as she went on to buy Peter Duck ( of Arthur Ransome fame ) She mentions that her Gesine leaked above the bunks but as I have had the deck and cabin re-built I am hoping that problem is solved. I will add a link to her blog if it is the correct Gesine. More news soon, I hope. My other boat, Moonfleet, is floating neglected on her moorings. I hope to get out there tomorrow evening to apply her broads licence stickers and maybe give her a clean.

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tonysmusing said...

The link to ( possibly ) my Gesine .. as owned by Ann and Greg Palmer. Could there have been two Gesine's in Woodbridge at the time? Both with conversions from racer to cruising yacht? Greg did a superb job building the cabin, I couldn't see the join. for Ann's wonderful rendition of their life on Peter Duck after Gesine.