Friday, 7 May 2010

Reversing Moonfleet - much better with practice

Today DW and I took our DS out for a Wedding Anniversary cruise. We pottered down the river to St Olaves, found moorings at The Bell but could not moor 'stern to' as the pub requests because we cannot disembark round the outboard. This was not a problem as there were only 2 boats on the whole mooring and Moonfleet is so small it takes up little more space 'side-on' than a holiday cruisers stern. Having climbed up and pottered to the pub we discovered it was not open yet so wandered over to Bridge Stores where a lovely lady told us some of the history of our home boatyard and offered us a new horn for Moonfleet.
Wandering back to the pub we enjoyed an early lunch then a quick trip back up the river and a much better effort at reversing into our mooring had us all tied up, tidied up and heading home via Morlings to collect her re-strung Mandola.

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