Monday, 9 January 2012

1950's Meteor Yacht Specifications

From a photocopy of a book which also includes a sketch of Meteor
Meteor "L.O.A. 21ft L.W.L. 17ft 6in Beam 6ft 5in Draft 2ft 10in Sail area 175 sq ft This boat, designed by Arthur Robb, has a very large midship cockpit which provides ample space for the crew when racing or for picnic parties. There is a separate cockpit aft for the helmsman, the floor of which is raised above the level of the forward cockpit. The reynolds Tube aluminium alloy mast is rigged with only one shroud a side and no crosstrees. The mast is stepped on the after end of the short coachroof. The hull is clinker built and the short cuddy at the forward end of the cockpit in the type "A" provides protection from rain and spray. Additional " This is where the photocopy ends but I think there should be more detail. Can anyone identify the book from this passage?


WoodwindMark said...

Hi Tony,

Well you could have knocked me down with a feather! At last I have found another boat like mine.
I am the proud (and impoverished) owner of 'Tarka', Meteor No1.
I also have the original sales leaflet that the drawing and information you quoted came from.
I'm afraid there really isn't a lot more than you already have though as the leaflet is rather brief. It does have a few pictures however, so I'll get them scanned and mail them on to you.
Amazed, absolutely amazed and overjoyed that there is at least one of Tarka's sisters being cared for. The only other I have heard of is 'Scintilla', that was sold to be restored into her original 'day-boat' trim some 15 years ago.
Can't find any further information on her.
Tarka is an auxiliary engine version, originally with a fore cabin and open cockpit. She was given her present cabin by Mr D.Jones, her former owner. He made a good workman-like job but I long to get her into her original configuration, as that would suit me better for river cruising.
Look forward to your further 'musings' upon the matter.
Once again, overjoyed to find another,

tonysmusing said...

Pass me that feather! I am similarly stunned that another Meteor exists, let alone in sailing condition.
I would love to see anything and everything you can tell me about the Meteor history. I am not even sure, as you will see from my musings, where and when Gesine/Mystery was built. Please copy me the whole of the leaflet, I was quoting from an unlabelled photocopied sheet and actually thought it was from Yachting Magazine's Annual. I would be most grateful. My Meteor has a well constructed cabin aft of the mast which I will probably keep: It looks good and was so well integrated I never realised it was a later addition until someone showed me the line in middle of the plank.

tonysmusing said...

Hi Mark,

I have tracked down some further references: Our Meteors were designed by the famous Arthur C Robb and the design was featured in Yachting World back in 1951. ( see my blog post at )